Inura Medical becomes a member of Hemex Incubator

Joining Hemex Incubator, located in Liestal, Switzerland, is an important step for Inura Medical on its path towards growth and success.

Hemex Incubator offers start-ups a wealth of resources and support to help them grow their business.

By selecting Hemex Incubator with extensive in-house expertise and significant exposure to potential investors and other industry players, Inura Medical will continue developing a solution for OAB while benefiting of the networking, mentoring, and workshops supplied by Hemex.


About Inura

Inura Medical AG is a Swiss start-up company developing an innovative patented urethral suppository for women. Inura is using an existing, approved drug with a well-known safety profile. It offers rescue therapy for a highly prevalent and disabling health disorder: overactive bladder syndrome (OAB). This product facilitates the effective penetration of drugs through the urethral mucosal lining, preventing this disease’s symptoms and reducing side effects.


About Hemex

HEMEX AG is a privately-owned Swiss investment and consulting company headquartered close to the Basel global life sciences hub. Its primary focus is to bring innovative drugs, medical devices, and in–vitro diagnostics to the market. HEMEX specializes in supporting early-stage start-ups, offering tailored solutions to accelerate projects into successful and sustainable businesses. Additionally, HEMEX helps and supports start-ups to find non-dilutive and dilutive funding. More at HEMEX.

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