Inura Medical’s story

Inura Medical was born from the vision of Professor Grant S. Mulholland, a U.S. world-renowned urologist who believed women should not have to endure OAB symptoms for their entire lives.

Unfortunately, Dr. Mulholland passed away in 2015. But his passion continues to live on within his wife, Elisabeth Mulholland. She kindly accepted our invitation to interview her, and the result… you better watch it below!

About Inura Medical

Inura Medical AG (“Inura”) is a Swiss start-up company with a clear vision to make a difference in women’s health. Inura’s product is an innovative, first-of-a-kind “urethral ovulum” that utilizes a novel route of drug administration to treat diseases of the bladder and lower urinary tract. Inura’s technology results from decades of work in urology by Professor Grant S. Mulholland, a renowned surgeon, academic, and past President of the American Urology Association. The first indication we are addressing with the ovulum is a chronic disease, named overactive bladder (OAB). More details on