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What could cause an overactive bladder?

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a condition in which individuals have symptoms such as urinary frequency and urgency, nocturia (multiple urinary voids at night), and incontinence. This can become a huge emotional burden for women.     Usually, a combination of factors causes this condition, some possible causes include: –Idiopathic: OAB may arise spontaneously, and the cause is not known […]

An alternative solution to the overactive bladder (OAB) condition

Read the slide show that we have prepared for you and learn in one minute about our alternative solution to revolutionize the current treatment of OAB    If you would like to read more about the information from our slide show, below you’ll find two very interesting studies and a guideline worth reading. Lightner et […]

BLKB supports Inura’s goals

Inura has been selected for the loan “100 fürs Baselbiet” from BLKB. We will receive a total of 500,000 CHF in two tranches.   “100 fürs Baselbiet” is an initiative that facilitates access to financial resources as well as advisory services for innovative SMEs and start-ups related to the Basel area. Some of the criteria […]

Let’s talk about Women’s Health

Did you know that women generally suffer from more acute and chronic symptoms and use health services more frequently than men? Recent research highlights significant knowledge gaps in the field of women’s health. Therefore there is a need to draw attention to new developments that improves the quality of life for women. Inura had the […]